About Me

So, Karen E. Dudzinski? I began designing in 1996 after completing Susan Portra’s Spirit of the Southwest. My brain said, ‘That was really fun, but I want to try new stitches, on other mediums, in so many colours!!’. So I started playing. One day I was in The Needle Gnome, my go-to Local Needlework Shop in Acton, Ontario, and Renata (the owner) asked whose design I was stitching…and when I told her it was just me playing, she said ‘If you ever publish that, I’ll carry it in the shop’. At the time I thought that was kind of cool, and as the days went on, the sentiment changed to ‘Well why not?’, and Textured Treasures was born. A year of researching business registrations, tax laws, and publication platforms lead to the launch of Textured Treasures in 1997.

I discovered the Needlework Designers of Canada and joined them in a collaborative booth at the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival in Toronto with my first 4 designs in 1998. I was blown away by the number of sales, and dove full into designing.

A few brief hiatuses over the years, having children, moving provinces, and I am still at it, more than 25 years later. There are so many techniques I still have to try, and with each new class I take, some piece of it tends to work its way into my designs. I love texture, and colour, and seeing how each new stitch combination works out. Even the simple act of working on a new colourway for one of my designs brings me the child-like excitement of ‘Hey, look how this is working out!!’.

Inspiration presents itself to me in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways: leafing through a random home and garden magazine; google searching something for one of the kids; visiting a museum, art gallery or historic site; just walking through every day life (have you seen the awesome painted sidewalks in Almer, QC?). Art, colour, and inspiration are everywhere.

I stitch because I love it. I design because the creation of something I love fills me with such happiness.

I hope some of this happiness will spill over into my charts and kits and you will receive the same joy and wonder when you stitch one of my designs.

Karen Dudzinski